Driving Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of

Driving Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of

Consider the above tips and work hard to earn that amazing driving license with an embarrassing picture of yours! Not all of us are perfect drivers. There are might be times where we might have been yelled at for making the wrong turn or bumping in to another car. Yet we tend to consider ourselves the best drivers of the year. So if you are also guilty of making the following mistakes, you might want to rethink about awarding yourself the so called ‘Best’ title!

Not double-checking tire pressure

If you have low pressure or air in your tires there is a chance that you might end up having to drag your vehicle through and not driving it smoothly. So make sure that you always check on the pressure physically by yourself rather than only relying on the meter indication. This way you are able to make your Northside driving school teacher proud by being a good driver and making all lessons learnt worthy.

Being too smart with the fuel

If the vehicle manufacturer specifies a particular kind of fuel to be used then don’t try to be a know it all and substitute it. Just because you use a fuel that is pricier than that what has been recommended or something lesser than that, it is not going to make a difference on the speed of the vehicle. However there is a possibility that it would affects its functioning. So do think twice before you mess around and experiment with things!

Not adjusting the mirrors right

Another mistake you might be doing is not adjusting the mirrors to see what you should be seeing. Ladies the middle mirror on the inside is not a makeup mirror. I repeat not a makeup mirror! You should be adjusting it in a way where you can see the vehicles coming at the back of your own, with just a glance and not your face!The side mirrors on the other hand should show only a little bit of your vehicle and majority of what might be coming at you from the sides. Remember that those driving lessons weren’t taking for nothing, so make sure to follow it through practice! Visit this link https://www.aroundaboutds.com.au/services/woodford/ for more info on driving lessons Woodford.

Going beyond the limit

No matter how late you might be, don’t ever try to make a race against time and rush through the streets at the high limit you could possibly go at. Not only are you more likely to meet with accident but you might also end up getting a jail pic after being arrested for DUI. So stick to the speed limit. Avoid the above mistakes and guarantee a smooth ride on the streets!

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