First Aid Methods Everyone Should Be Knowing

First Aid Methods Everyone Should Be Knowing

You never know when things could go wrong and that is why it is always essential that you are prepared for it. In an exam you have no idea what might come, and so you are expected to prepare for everything that you have learnt. Some that you made an effort to study might be there and other times there might be things you never knew. Of course, it is natural to panic in such times, however if you think about it, you would have been able to face it better if you had made a bit more of an effort to learn. Similarly, in life too you never know when you might encounter an accident or danger. So, knowing to perform first aid is essential. Here are some common first aid tips you should be knowing.

Treating excessive bleeding

If we accidently prick ourselves with a pin we are sure to bleed. However when you wash it off after some time you would notice that the bleeding is less. This is because our body has the ability to generate platelets that form around the wound clotting it naturally and slowing down the blood lost from the body. However when a cut is too big, the body is incapable of naturally controlling the blood loss and so in such situations the best way to stop this bleeding is by using a clean cloth and pressing it over the wound. Hold it down hard and control the blood flow, at least until the experts arrive. After all, in case too much blood is being lost from the body, the chances are that the person would die. Such basic knowledge may not require first aid training Adelaide but it is essential that you know.

Treating nosebleeds

This something that is very commonly seen amongst most adults and children. Here when a person is suffering from such an incident it is important that you don’t hold their head up or make them lie down. On the contrary to many movies and incidents where you might have seen this being done, it actually increases the intensity of the problem even more. So the best way to handle a nosebleed is to pinch the nostrils together and hold it for at least 10 minutes. This allows the broken vein to close, slowing down the blood loss.

Treating chokes

When a person is choking on something you cannot apply the CPR technique you learnt from a good cpr course, instead you need to follow the technique called Heimlich Maneuver. Here what is expected is that you stand behind the person that is choking, and wrap your arms around that person’s stomach by placing your fist between the person’s rib cage and navel and your other hand over that fist and push. Keep doing so until the object that the person was choking on comes out.Knowing such simple first aid tips could go a long way in saving someone’s life so never disregard any one of them!

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