The Overuse Of The English Language

The Overuse Of The English Language

Due to the hugely important role English plays in our society, people are more focused on learning English than any other language, on the surface, this might look like a good sign, whereas on a more deeper level this is not. The issue with this is that we are so focused on learning English that we aren’t spending time learning other languages or focusing on improving the native language, as for some English is not a native language. The schools in non-English speaking countries are teaching English as a second language and stress a lot on this particular language, thus indirectly sending the message that other languages aren’t that important. As a result, young minds might feel embarrassed to speak their own language and would converse in the widely dominant English language. it is nice that we don’t have to remember several languages and can just communicate with everyone everywhere in just one language, but must we lose our cultural identity, lose another language in order to speak another?

Advantages of knowing multiple languages

We should encourage our children to become multi-lingual by giving the same importance to other languages as well, as this not only helps us to preserve our cultural identity but opens them up to several more opportunities in life.For example, it would be much easier to teach the English Language to non-native speakers if you knew their language, thus a person knowing two languages has a better chance at getting the job rather than a person who is only fluent in one language. However, teaching English while it’s your second language is going to be cumbersome. English is easy to learn compared to other languages but the hard part is that the English vocabulary is similar to that of other languages, one word in English could mean another in different language although they have the same spelling. Another issue that you have to overcome while teaching is that when conversing in English we tend to convert word to word from our native language so the resulting grammar might end up being slightly incorrect. However, speakers can overcome this issue by undertaking an IELTS training program so that they will be able to grasp the language better and thus teach better.In conclusion, English should be learned by each and every one but we should not prioritize it so much that it becomes the only language we need to know, as you can see from the above statement, having more than one language at your fingertips will give you a better job opportunity rather than relying on English alone.

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